Busy, busy, busy…

I started this blog, then well life happened, as life always does.  I just don’t have the time do draw or paint with my little girls around.  I have been knitting and crocheting like crazy though.

Starting on Halloween last year I made this guy for my youngest daughter’s birthday.  It is a gobbeldy ghost from mochimochiland.com.  I love her knitting patterns.  I have also made some hats for winter, a scarf, and some mittens.

For Christmas, I knitted more characters from the mochimochiland cast.  A star for each of my nieces, and an elf for my nephew, born near Christmas.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture.

Lastly, my oldest daughter needed to have surgery in January, and I made her a crochet dinosaur, she lives dinosaurs.

I have many other things I am working on as well, but we will get to them later.



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