I made a new hat.  I had made a scarf and hat last year in the same yarn, but the had stretched too much from being crotched with too big of a hook. I ripped it out and started over.  This time knitting.  I had painstakingly made my husband a hat last winter with size 3 yarn on size 2 needles.  About 150 stitches, had to start over twice and I made an accidental increase, which is luckily fixable.  Yuck.

My hat is made with super bulky yarn, size 6.  In fact I used lion brand wool ease thick and quick.  It is awesome yarn and comes in pretty colors, including metallics.  My yarn in a deep purple with a purple metallic in it.

The pattern:  there are so many ways to knit a hat.  This is a simple one.  I started with size 10.5 double pointed needles, you could go up to 13’s but I used what I had.   I have a book with a master hat pattern, I did a gauge swatch, and measured almost 3 stitches per inch.   Checking the chart, I needed to cast on 60 stitches.  I did a double open and closed long tail or Latvian cast on.  Then did 2″ of k2 p2 ribbing.  Then I switched to a straight knit stitch till it measured 6″ from the cast on edge.  As for the top shaping, I decreased 6 stitches per round, starting with every other round, the last 4 rounds I decreased every round, ending with 6 stitches on the needles.  This made sure the hat would be long enough to cover my ears.



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