So, after making such a lovely hat to match the crochet scarf I made last year, I decided to make gloves.  I live in Minnesota where it gets super cold and having nice winter gear is important, and having matching gear is a bonus.
I had plenty of my yarn left over (Lion Brand wool ease thick and qucick).  So I grabbed my 10.5 dpns and had at it. This pattern is a mesh of 4 different patterns.  These gloves are made for petite hands.  You can modify them to fit your own hand, plus try them on while you are working them, it helps to get that perfect fit.
Cast on 24 st ( I used a double open closed or latvian cast on).
Rows1-9: k2 p2 ribbing (or longer if you like)
Rows10-13: K ( can add rows to get to base of thumb)
Thumb gusset:
R1: kfb, k till last st, kfb
R2: k
R3: k1,kfb, k till last 2 st, kfb, k1
R4: k
R5: k2,kfb, k till last 3 st, kfb, k2
R6: k
R7: k3,kfb, k till last 4 st, kfb, k3
R8: k
R9: k4,kfb, k till last 5 st, kfb, k4
R10: k
Take 4 st off the back needle and place on st holder.  k4 of first needle and place on st holder.  These will become the thumb later.
Hand:  take remaing st and divide evenly onto 2 needles.  K 6 rounds or until sts come up to just below where your fingers start.  make sure to pull yarn tight when knitting next to thumb opening as to not create a gap.
Fingers:  For this part you will need 2 extra dpns.  The ones will act as stitch holders as you knit each finger.
Pointer: Move 4 st from each needle to a different needle.  K 13 rounds (more or less depending on the length of your finger) break yarn and BO.  I just used the yarn that was still attached from knitting the hand portion.
Ring: Transfer the next 4 st from each needle.  attach yarn leaving a long tail (6in or so, just enough to sew together the gap between fingers).  K 15 rounds (again or fitting to your fingers).  Break yarn and bind off.
Pointer:  Transfer next 3 st from each needle.  Attach yarn leaving tail for seaming,  For the first round on this finger you will want to kfb, k to last st, kfb, so that you have 8st total.  K 13 rounds (or whatever works) break yarn and bind off.
Pinky:  using the remaining 4 st, kfb k2,kfb for the first round after attaching yarn with a tail for seaming. k10 rounds (or whatever), break yarn and bind off.
Thumb: Seperate st from holder (or holders) to 2 needles (remember which half had the extra knit sts)  Attach yarn after first 4 st to pick up and knit 4 st to bridge the gap from one side to the other.  K the last 4 st.  At this point you should have 12 st on 3 needles.  the first needle was knit when you transferred onto the holder, the 4 you just picked up, and the 4 that you just knitted.  Now, K1, K2tog.  you can move to 2 needles during this step (8st).  K 9 rounds (or however many you need). Bind off.
Finishing:  First, seam between fingers.  Then I found it easier to flip the glove inside out to weave in the ends.  Weave in ends (turn right side out).  Don’t forget to make the 2nd glove.  You can add embellishments at this point.  I made crochet flowers to match my hat and scarf.  I also wanted to easily tell right from left hand.
Here is an extra treat:  you can buy conductive thread and sew it into the finger tips and thumb to make them work with your smartphone or tablet.  Adafruit has many varieties, this is what I bought.  There is even a tutorial.
Now I have warm gloves that I don’t have to take off to answer a call outside in -30 degree weather. wp-1456109068014.jpgwp-1456109072125.jpg

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