Octopus plushie


Isn’t he cute?  My baby loves octopuses, so I decided to try to make one for her.  I went to my local fabric outlet and bought some Minky fabric.  It is super soft, a little nicer than fleece, and easier to work with than faux fur. Plus, Minky is machine washable, which is great when you are making a toy for an almost 3 year old.  His head is just a six sided sphere with the bottom cut off and 8 cute legs sewn on.  The very bottom is a single piece, then I cut matching tops to the legs, sewed it all together, and viola one cute yellow octopus.  I used safety eyes with a little fabric glue to prevent fraying.  For about $18 I made him with enough fabric left over to make him a twin.
My daughter loves him, she insisted on bring him to target that night.

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