Triangle Shawl

This is the first project using grandma’s yarn stash.  Well, one skein from it and a coordinating color to stabilize it.

The orange/gold brown was hers, and so are the needles I used to knit this.  It was super easy and turned out super pretty.


Here it is being blocked, I added the crochet border with just the plain brown yarn (I only had one skein of the fancy stuff and used it up in the main body of the shawl), I thought it needed just a little something to make it look finished.


It turned out nice, with just a hint of sparkle and shine!  I ended up sending it to my grandma for her birthday.  (She has Alzheimer’s and cannot knit/crochet anymore).  I haven’t heard if she liked it or not, but I hope she is enjoying it.

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