Crochet Pouff

I was surfing the internet and I came across this great pattern and I decided I needed to make one. A storage pouff.   I have tons of extra blankets around the house (a must when in Minnesota), and they end up piling up all over the place, especially the floor.  I figured this pattern was exactly what I needed to help my house appear more organized and tidy.  This is a free pattern from Jess at Chaleur Life.

I bought enough yarn to make 2 of these bad boys, only because I found this interesting boucle yarn on clearance at Joanns for $5 a skein for the giant 1 lb skeins after I bought some regular yarn not on sale for it.

The boucle yarn was annoying and stretchy to work with, and super difficult because it wasn’t center pull, so I ended up hand balling it which was quite the chore considering that the pattern calls for 4 strands at once and the skeins were huge. Yes, I did turn all 4 skeins into a single ball, it ended up working pretty well.   The ball was the size of a small watermelon! I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t think of it.



The pouff turned out great, much larger than I expected, but great.  I even had enough yarn leftover to make a short waffle stitch scarf which could double as a shrug if I put on some sort of ties…


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