3D Printed Stitch markers

I once again found a cute pattern on the internet that I want to make later, but…It requires stitch markers, lots of stitch markers.  I don’t have that many stitch markers, just some for some tiny size 1-3 needles and a few safety pin style crochet markers.   While I was at Joann’s, for an unrelated Halloween project, I was looking at stitch markers.  There were packs of them between 16-20 of the size I needed for $5.  I was thinking, “you know that is kind of expensive for what you are getting”, and “seriously?”   Anyway, I grabbed a package and put them in the cart and went on with my shopping.  As I approached the registers to check out, I had an idea, “why not use that $600 3D printer we bought last year for Christmas and just spent another $200 to upgrade?”   I ended up not buying the $5 stitch markers.

Once I got home, as my husband was fiddling with the printer getting it to behave, I went to work.  I searched the internet for some pre-made designs, but didn’t find any I liked.  I then opened up Autodesk Fusion 360 (which is free to use) and designed my own stitch markers.

The first batch were a little too small, but they turned out nice.  Glow in the dark even.  Then I made them 2mm bigger (3D stuff is all in mm) and they were perfect.  So I printed 25 of them, I could have fit many, many more on the printer, but I don’t really need 100 of them…or do I?   I then made a set to fit the giant US 17 knitting needles I have, but they didn’t want to behave, and we are looking into why.  I can at least use what was a mistake in a pinch, even tough they are much thinner than I would like.


(Small ones have a 6mm inner opening, the middle ones have an 8mm and fit perfectly on a size 10 US needle, the purple ones are for my 17s)

Now I just need to figure out how to make safety pin style or split ring style for crochet….

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