Octopus plushie


Isn’t he cute?  My baby loves octopuses, so I decided to try to make one for her.  I went to my local fabric outlet and bought some Minky fabric.  It is super soft, a little nicer than fleece, and easier to work with than faux fur. Plus, Minky is machine washable, which is great when you are making a toy for an almost 3 year old.  His head is just a six sided sphere with the bottom cut off and 8 cute legs sewn on.  The very bottom is a single piece, then I cut matching tops to the legs, sewed it all together, and viola one cute yellow octopus.  I used safety eyes with a little fabric glue to prevent fraying.  For about $18 I made him with enough fabric left over to make him a twin.
My daughter loves him, she insisted on bring him to target that night.

Play cape, or Elsa cape

My girls, like every other girl, love Frozen. My 2 yr old has been running around with a blanket over her shoulders singing “Let it Go.” Which is all well and good until she drags it through the dog water dish, or until one of the dogs wants to sit on the blanket.  Enter the Elsa cape!  No offense to Anna, but both girls want to be Elsa.

wp-1456108866524.jpgIt is just 1 yard of 60 in fabric with a narrow hem all around to prevent fraying, a gather at the top, and a tie sewn over the gather as a closure.

wp-1456108840841.jpgSee blue for Elsa #2 ( personally, I like Anna better, she does all the work). Fold and press hem.  I did top and bottom, then the sides, didn’t bother mitering corners.wp-1456108857641.jpg

Once all four sides are hemmed, sew a gather near the top. Along one of the narrow sides.wp-1456108849507.jpg

Now, for the final step, just sew some  ribbon over the gather, leaving enough on each side to use to tie the cape on. wp-1456108877148.jpg

And done! Here are my Queen Elsas.  wp-1456108885292.jpg

This could easily be adapted to be any other cape, super man, bat man, whatever.  You can make an adult size by getting more fabric.  Even this is about calf length on me.

Busy, busy, busy…

I started this blog, then well life happened, as life always does.  I just don’t have the time do draw or paint with my little girls around.  I have been knitting and crocheting like crazy though.

Starting on Halloween last year I made this guy for my youngest daughter’s birthday.  It is a gobbeldy ghost from mochimochiland.com.  I love her knitting patterns.  I have also made some hats for winter, a scarf, and some mittens.

For Christmas, I knitted more characters from the mochimochiland cast.  A star for each of my nieces, and an elf for my nephew, born near Christmas.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture.

Lastly, my oldest daughter needed to have surgery in January, and I made her a crochet dinosaur, she lives dinosaurs.

I have many other things I am working on as well, but we will get to them later.




Welcome to Arina’s Alchemy!  This is where I will be posting my creations. I work cross media from pen and ink to acrylic painting to knitted creatures and beyond.

Here is a pic of the start of my newest project. I will eventually draw in every panel, but I still need to figure out what I want to put there.