Crochet Pouff

I was surfing the internet and I came across this great pattern and I decided I needed to make one. A storage pouff.   I have tons of extra blankets around the house (a must when in Minnesota), and they end up piling up all over the place, especially the floor.  I figured this pattern was exactly what I needed to help my house appear more organized and tidy.  This is a free pattern from Jess at Chaleur Life.

I bought enough yarn to make 2 of these bad boys, only because I found this interesting boucle yarn on clearance at Joanns for $5 a skein for the giant 1 lb skeins after I bought some regular yarn not on sale for it.

The boucle yarn was annoying and stretchy to work with, and super difficult because it wasn’t center pull, so I ended up hand balling it which was quite the chore considering that the pattern calls for 4 strands at once and the skeins were huge. Yes, I did turn all 4 skeins into a single ball, it ended up working pretty well.   The ball was the size of a small watermelon! I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t think of it.



The pouff turned out great, much larger than I expected, but great.  I even had enough yarn leftover to make a short waffle stitch scarf which could double as a shrug if I put on some sort of ties…


Triangle Shawl

This is the first project using grandma’s yarn stash.  Well, one skein from it and a coordinating color to stabilize it.

The orange/gold brown was hers, and so are the needles I used to knit this.  It was super easy and turned out super pretty.


Here it is being blocked, I added the crochet border with just the plain brown yarn (I only had one skein of the fancy stuff and used it up in the main body of the shawl), I thought it needed just a little something to make it look finished.


It turned out nice, with just a hint of sparkle and shine!  I ended up sending it to my grandma for her birthday.  (She has Alzheimer’s and cannot knit/crochet anymore).  I haven’t heard if she liked it or not, but I hope she is enjoying it.

Crochet cat

My 3yr old picked out this bright yarn at Joann’s a while back, and I let her hold it while I was shopping to keep her calm.  I ended up purchasing it because she screamed like crazy when I tried to take it away from her, ahh kids.  I found this random pattern online for a cute cat here.  I think it turned out cute, and I have most of the skein left.  I may make her a scarf for winter or a little shawl with the remainder, only time will tell.


So, one of my recent projects was this lovely star blanket.  I found this wonderful soft yarn, bernat baby blanket.  It is a soft bulky yarn that works up quick, comes in cute colors too.  Unfortunately, I needed more of that citrus color, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  The blanket is doll sized, and the star pattern was fun to crochet.  My girls love playing with smaller sized blankets and the little one really likes dolls, so everyone is happy.

I have more of this yarn in different colors, I just gotta think of something cute to do with it.